About Me

I’m a true foodie. My passion for food makes me a good cook only because I love to eat well. All day, every day. And so should you boo!

My story

Ciao! I’m Nicole Vittoria, an italo-swiss girl who has a huge passion for food.

I have a deep love for authentic, traditional Italian recipes. Being Italian and living in Italy, I find food to be a very important part of my roots and my culture. It brings people together and I find that cooking for someone is a very sincere gesture of love.

I hope that through my blog you will come to find out that Italian cuisine can be your best friend in the kitchen; Italians have a life mantra: less effort for maximum results. This applies to our recipes as well as they are extremely simple – with some rare exceptions.

My online journey

The beginning of my online journey dates back to 2019 when I traveled to the USA for the first time. I got to experience Los Angeles for three months when I got confronted with how Italian cuisine is represented abroad and I only want to say that I came back with a mission to change it. That’s why in 2020 I started uploading recipes on my Tik Tok account.

As you may know, Italy’s culinary art is not just that, but part of its culture. I am sure you have (if not already come across one) heard of Italians getting pissed at people messing up with their recipes. And uuuh boy do I understand that! To me, traditional recipes are a treasure to be protected and promoted! I don’t want you to be intimidated by us though; I know we may be perceived as proud and protective and we probably are – kind of hot though no? – but if there is one thing you can trust an Italian with – among many others 😉 – is food. We’re proud because there is a lot at stake.

Let me be your guide through the abundance of this delicious Italian History.

And as always, enjoy it and Buon Appetito!

ps. typos and grammatical errors of my English are a genuine ingredient from Italy, so don’t mind some mistakes here and there! They are, let’s say, authentic

Thank you for reading

Remember that I am always available for questions or in case you need some help after failing a recipe. Don’t be scared of failure! Even the best chef fucks up sometimes; just use your mistakes to learn a lesson from them!

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